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Apply for VISA to Spain In Jerusalem

Visa Type

BLS International Services has been appointed as an outsourced partner by the Consulate General of Spain in Jerusalem, to facilitate short stay visa applications to Spain.

Short stay applications will be accepted at the BLS offices in accordance with the respective place of residence of the applicant.

The application can be submitted in person or by an authorized person at the Spain Visa Application Center. Please note that due to security reasons applications will not be accepted through Courier at the Spain Visa Application Center.

For large groups (more than 20 persons), the application center must be contacted well in advance.

In case the applicant intends to visit various Schengen Countries the country responsible to issue the relevant visa for the entire duration of the trip, including for other Schengen countries will be determined in the following order:

  • Main destination.
  • Country related with the main purpose of travel.
  • Country with maximum period of stay.
  • State of first entry.

Please Note granting a visa is the prerogative of the Consulate for each application. Submission of all the documents does not imply “right” to be granted a visa.

Please Note with effect from January 2017, The Visa fees have been revised as per the instruction received from the Consulate General of Spain in Jerusalem.
The Revised visa fee and BLS charge are as follows:

Visa Category Amount in NIS
Short Term Visa (All Categories) 255 NIS
Children between the age of 6 to 12 148.80 NIS
BLS Service charges 65 NIS

Residents of other nationalities (who have been residing for more than six months with valid residence permit) have the right to apply at the Consulate General of Spain in Jerusalem, located in Jerusalem.

For applications under Consulate General of Spain, Jerusalem please note few updates

  • Hand written Application only in Blue Ink /Online Application filled will do
  • Salary slip of recent 3 months
  • Passport collection – Id card proof of the authorized person is a must
  • Original bank statements of the applicant for last ( 3 ) months, with the original stamp and signature of authorized signatory of the bank (Online Bank statements are acceptable with original stamp and signature of authorized signatory of the bank stamp).
  • Letter from workplace or Study on company letter head specifying the period of leave granted.
  • Refer to documentation required under visa categories for details for whom Notary is needed
    • Copy of all pages of the new Passport to be submitted.
    • Only Application form to be submitted along with other required documents as per visa category. No need to carry extra copy of the Application form.
    • Only 1 Photo as per Specifications to be attached.